PERTH, Western Australia – ISG has made Quick Service Restaurant brand Pastacup COVID-proof through innovation and effective strategies.

In less than 12 months, ISG has transformed the Pastacup brand to become resilient against restrictions for both customers and franchise partners during the current pandemic.

The ISG head office team have been vital in ensuring Pastacup franchise partners have the marketing and support required to educate their staff and customers on current health and hygiene policies and promoting a confidence that Pastacup is COVID-safe. The favoured comfort food has proven popular for those who are isolating or limiting their outdoor movements during the COVID-19 lockdown periods.

By optimising food delivery and pickup services, Pastacup has seen increases of up to 45% across the network.

Already equipped with a variety pastas, sauces, and options for gluten free and vegetarian customers, Pastacup has strategically navigated COVID with franchisees reaping the benefits of cumulative trade. Strategies include:

• Renegotiated produce costs
• Innovative new menu items
• Delivery service optimisation
• Discounts and special offers via initiatives such as ‘Curb-side-pickup’

“We are dedicated to our franchise partners,” said Roy Depczynski, Chief Executive Officer of ISG. “Two of the big things making a difference has been continuous product innovation and increased shopper accessibility. Combined with getting our partners access to vendors that they might never have access to, Pastacup is giving customers and franchise owners what they truly want right now – convenience, high quality, safety and value for money.”

Pastacup have not closed any locations or reduced operating hours throughout COVID-19, “We are ensuring that our customers have continued availability to a familiar experience” he added.

Pastacup trades in the retail and franchise markets with 15 locations in Western Australia. The good news for pasta fans on the east coast is that interstate development is set to begin in November 2020.

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