As a result of today’s economic climate, companies are looking for ways to spend their budgets in different ways. The traditional approach has been to reduce hours and staff in an effort to decrease overhead expenses. However, with ISG’s new facility services model this is no longer the only solution.  Our team of experts have helped our clients identify cost-saving measures that can be taken without cutting back on quality or productivity levels. With our innovative solutions such as outsourcing catering services, cleaning services and providing flexible staffing options we’ve found that not only can we save you money but also provide you with higher calibre service than before.

With increased focus on sustainability and reducing environmental impact, we have helped clients find ways to reduce their carbon footprint while still delivering quality services to employees and guests.  We understand that many customers are looking for more than just janitorial cleaning or food service; they want integrated solutions that will help them maintain a healthy workplace environment. This is why our team has created an eco-friendly program which includes energy efficiency audits, recycling education programs, indoor air quality monitoring systems and other sustainable initiatives.

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