PERTH, Western Australia. – Announcing today, International Solutions Group (ISG), a fast growing privately held multi-industry management service company in Australia.

Founded by Robbie Damjanovic, the development of the group is the result of structured family enterprises. Services are delivered through six divisions: franchise management; cleaning & facilities; food production; digital; staffing; and events.

ISG’s growing capabilities include assets of more than $200 million under management, over 7 million m2 of serviced sites and facilities, an Australian owned master franchise system, and 25,000 consumer packaged food goods produced and delivered weekly.

ISG manages numerous brands operating across different industries. The carefully curated brands yield synergies with each other, creating a highly sought-after unique selling proposition in the market and optimising commercial benefits to customers operating in retail, hospitality, facilities, events, aviation, healthcare, distribution, franchising and petroleum.

“We are excited to unite our portfolio which offers increased brand value to our partners.” said Roy Depczynski, Chief Executive Officer of ISG. “We look forward to sharing ISG’s values focussed strategies with our loyal clients and with our new customers, helping them grow and diversify.”

ISG works with nationally recognised brands including Pastacup, United Petroleum, Pie Face and Jetstar.

“At our core we are a family business, with family values, upholding internationally recognised company standards.”

For more information:

International Solutions Group (ISG) Pty Ltd

+61 8 6169 2700

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