Food allergies affect almost 10% of the population in Australia with 1 in 70 experiencing gluten related allergies such a coeliac disease. Recent incidences have highlighted the importance of allergen awareness in the manufacture and production processes of consumer packaged goods (CPG).

From beginning to end, all possible allergens that are contained in the product as well as possible allergen factors from the production environment must be indicated on the package of the product. In the case of dupes and substitution on products containing allergens, for example gluten free bread for sandwiches, it is imperative the labelling is clear and correct for the consumer to be informed of the contents. Misinformation or lack of labelling to do with certain allergies can result in dire or in some cases fatal consequences.

ISG Fresh ensures all staff and facilities are equipped to handle products that contain allergens as well as methods to ensure cross contamination is minimised. Building custom commercial grade kitchens to the highest standard and achieving HACCP certification, ISG Fresh understands that allergy awareness starts with the manufacturer. As a supplier of sandwiches, wraps, rolls and other CPG products, the challenge of correct labelling and product identification is met with strict auditing measures to avoid potential harm to consumers.

By implementing an intricate allergen control plan, ISG Fresh sanctions thorough staff training, food management and handling as well as consistent analysing, streamlining, and improving of production methods, to avoid cross contamination of allergens when preparing food.

ISG Fresh’s policies and procedures are supported by an in-house food scientist ensuring all labelling and packaging are clear and current with audited ingredient lists corroborating transparency on product ingredients and allergens. Working with the rigorous conditions and exceeding the requirements of industries such as education, retail, major events and aviation ISG Fresh applies meticulous strategies to ensure all conditions are met and the products produced are safe for the end consumer.

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